Reasons Why A House Call Might Be A Great Idea For YOU!

Your cat or dog “hates going to the vet”

Many owners experience the split personalities that occur in their pets when they attempt to bring them in for their vaccines and checkups.  Having the veterinarian come to your home to see them can help relieve some of the anxiety associated with the visit by taking the relocation out of the equation.  Many pets respond completely differently to their veterinary visits when they are performed in the comfort of their own home.

Your cat doesn’t like dogs, or vice versa

Although we do lots to prevent the presence of other animals/species at the clinic from causing any problems, inevitably there are some pets that find situations immediately more stressful just by the scent of another animal or species.  If your pet does not like to be in the vicinity of any other animals, particularly of another species, having the vet come to your home will prevent that problem!

Transportation is a problem, for any reason

Perhaps you don’t have a car; you don’t drive; driving alone with your pet in the car is hard on you and your furry friend; or perhaps you just prefer to avoid driving whenever possible: having a house call for your veterinary visit is a great solution.  Scheduling an at home visit eliminates any transportation related issues that you may have with getting your pet to the vet!

Your pet does not do well in the car

Going in the car can be a difficult thing for some pets.  This problem is commonly perpetuated when the only time they actually do go in the car is on the way to the vet clinic – which they may not associate with their favourite times!  Taking the driving part out of the “going to the vet” routine eliminates your own anxiety, and your pets’ anxiety, in terms of dreading the “car ride” portion of veterinary visits!

Your pet is difficult to get in and out of the car or it is stressful for them

Some pets with mobility issues or chronic illnesses can be very challenging to deal with when it comes to taking them places.  Some of them experience a lot of discomfort getting in and out of cars or travelling in them, where others are very difficult for owners to get in and out of cars due to large size and poor mobility.  Others still have chronic issues and the trip to the vet is a lot of extra stress on them, particularly when they may only need a checkup or follow-up related to their condition.  Having the veterinarian come to your home to collect samples, refill chronic medications, and examine your pet can save all of this trouble to allow for simpler and lower stress case management. 

Multi-pet Household

It can be a major task even getting one pet to the vet, but when you have a couple of cats and a couple of dogs (or 5 cats and no dogs, or 5 dogs and no cats…you get the drift!), it can be even more daunting!  Having the veterinarian come into your home for a multi-pet visit can make the whole experience a little less daunting.


Perhaps you find it difficult to get out of the house to get to the vet, or you just would rather avoid the trip - just because! That is another great reason to use the house call veterinary service!

At-Home Euthanasias

Many people feel that one of the hardest parts of choosing to have their pet euthanized is the thought of taking them from their home to a less familiar place to say goodbye for good.  It can be a very special thing to keep your beloved pet where they are already comfortable, and have the veterinarian come to your home to ensure they are comfortable in their final moments.  This creates a very low stress situation for your pet at this very difficult time.

Home is where the cuddles are.