What kinds of things can we do at a house call appointment?

If your pet is in an emergency situation, and needs immediate critical care, please contact a full service clinic in order to have your pet seen as soon as possible.  

House call visits are suitable for a large assortment of services you may require from your veterinarian.  It is probably easier to talk about what can't be done than what can, since the list would be much shorter!  The following are services provided at house call appointments:

Wellness Examinations


New Puppy Visits

New Kitten Visits


Skin Issues (Including ear infections)

Litter Checkups

Medication Renewal Appointments

Blood monitoring (i.e.: phenobarbital, chronic renal disease, etc.)

Palliative Care (subcutaneous fluids, pain management, etc.)

Allergy Testing

Wellness Screening (blood work, parasite testing, FIV/FeLV, etc.)

In-Home Euthanasias (with the option of your beloved pet being taken afterwards for cremation services)

If you would like to know if you can have your pet seen for something on (or off) of this list, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.  If you already see a particular veterinarian for in clinic services, but would like to have some of your veterinary care provided in home, that is no problem!  You can certainly continue to go to your regular vet for anything you like, and I can share my records with them so we all know your pet's health history.  

If you would like a recommendation for a clinic to contact for the services you require "in clinic", please let us know! You certainly can have your pet's vaccinations done "in home" and then have their surgery (i.e.: spay/neuter) done "in clinic"!

If your pet is being seen in the home, but it becomes apparent that they will need to start receiving care in a clinic, they will be referred to the clinic which you previously attended. We can make a great recommendation for referral if you are in search of a stationary clinic for your pet!

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