Welcome to the Seaside Home Veterinary Care Official Blog!

Welcome to the Seaside Home Veterinary Care official blog!

If you would like the general overview of Seaside Home Veterinary Care or Dr. Katie, or our lovely Veterinary Assistant Megan, please take some time to peruse our website :) 

If you haven’t already seen Dr. Katie’s guest blog post on the Network of Moms website, it is about tips for introducing your pets to a new baby! 

In the Seaside Home Veterinary Care official blog, we are planning to discuss various topics that we hope our clientele (and any interested pet owners for that matter!) want to know more about, and touch on some other fun things as well!

We hope to highlight local pets for adoption, have some fun stories about special pets, and possibly dive into some stories from Megan’s time in Africa working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre! We will, of course, have veterinary medicine focused posts as well to help us all care for our pets as best as possible.

We welcome discussions and questions, and really hope that you can have fun following along as we make our contribution to the blogosphere!