Return from Africa, Part 2!

Hey Everyone!

So my return to South Africa was everything I had hoped! I got to see all kinds of my favorite babies, who are now mostly grown! I also made the decision to look into going to vet school, largely thanks to Katie telling me to find what makes me happy and supporting me through my crazy need to fly across the world for a month!

So, without delaying any longer, here is one of my “Return From Africa Part 2” blogs! Pictures included.

As always, please let us know by commenting or sending us a message if you have any questions!

This post is going to be an update on some of the babies you have met in my previous blog posts.

Skylar the Serval:

Baby SKylar 2.jpg
Baby Skylar 1.jpg

This little dude has grown so much, he is now a handsome serval cat who enjoys catching birds, his blue ball (thank you Global Pet Foods) and feathers on the end of a string. Skylar is now an ambassador serval, and is on the tour circut at the rehab!

Skylar 6.jpg
Skylar 4.jpg
Skylar 5.jpg
Skylar 3.jpg

Stompie the Honey Badger:

Stompie always was and still is a fan favorite. He is the goofiest, most intelligent, hilarious little guy. He’s growing like a weed, and is so strong it’s unbelievable. He is happiest chasing people around his enclosure, stealing cleaning supplies, and playing with his indestructible toys (thank you Ali du Toit)


Adara the cheetah:

Adara Baby 1.jpg
baby Adara 2.jpg

You may have seen pictures of me with a baby cheetah that was bred and hand-raised on the rehab. He is now working as an ambassador cheetah, touring around and teaching people about this incredible animal and how endangered they are. I was able and honoured to participate in some training with him while I was here this time! There is a photo here with one of his main handlers, Martial.

Adara Grown Up.jpg
Adara Grown Up 2.jpg
Adara and Martial.jpg


Of course coming back means a whole new round of babies and some adults to look after! Introducing for future special case blogs:


Ruby the Grey Duiker

Ruby Duiker.jpg
Ruby gir;.jpg


Allira the Caracal

Nala the Serval Kitten

Nala the Serval Kitten

Janie the Bushbuck

Janie the Bushbuck

Olivia the Banded Mongoose

Olivia the Banded Mongoose